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About me


I am a Digital Strategist who helps organisations create products and services that make their customers lives better. My background in user-experience design provides a passion for a customer-centric approach, along with the research skills required to drive outside-in thinking. When combined with a depth of delivery experience I knows how to take an idea and turn it in to a product that customers love.

Now that I’ve has gone Agile, I can never go back. Producing pretty design deliverables just doesn’t give the same thrill it used to now that I have experienced the joy of working in lean, multidisciplinary teams focused on delivering business value rather than documents.

My current business card says I’m a Experience Design Consultant at ThoughtWorks.

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  1. Johnny Read permalink
    May 24, 2017 8:29 pm

    Hi Ben,

    in 2016 some of my colleagues and I at Liverpool Business School, (UK) looked at defining careers in the Digital and Creative sector. We produced a series of ‘Personas’ namely User Experience Designer, Commercial Manager, Web Developer, Programmer, Content Producer, Digital Marketeer. This was based on a wider set of definitions than your post “the-difference-between-a-ux-designer-and-ui-developer” and simpler derivatives. We pulled on a range of there resources and ran our version past an industry forum and adjusted it. We are now using our latest version to discuss what people who do something in ‘digital and creative’ actually do.

    In writing up such things I’d like to give credit as it were to some of the previous work. Can you let me know whether you are happy for us to credit you with the original Venn Diagram, or is it in itself based on other sources.

    Johnny Read

    • May 25, 2017 10:11 am

      Thanks for reaching out Johnny. I’m glad to hear some of my musings have been helpful for you. You’re welcome to to use it and credit it to me. Hopefully it helps fuel some healthy discussions. – Ben

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