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Agile UX presentation: Finding time for Design within Agile software delivery.

March 5, 2012

Thanks to everyone who attended the Agile UX conference, along with the organisers from UX Australia

I had the pleasure of presenting on Finding time for Design within Agile software delivery.

Here’s the slides from my presentation:

Audio: listen to my presentation here.

Slides: can be downloaded with notes from here.

The presentation summary:
In the Agile software development world, time is of the essence – or rather design time becomes a precious commodity. Taking the time to conduct in-depth user research, then create and explore innovative design solutions becomes an expensive luxury that isn’t always affordable. But what happens if there is a way to not just streamline the UX research and design process, but to actually produce better results for it?

As UX Designers in Agile dev teams we commonly grapple with challenges such as:

  • Being allowed the time to go through the creative exploration process, when a Dev team is waiting for to you to finish so that they can start.
  • Finding a balance between being Lean in practices, while exploring alternative innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Explaining to Devs that lo-fi prototypes are more a communication tool and than a finalised deliverable

What’s the solution?

At ThoughtWorks we spend a lot of time trying to evaluate our approach and improve our techniques. I’ll share some of the Lean UX methods and approaches that we’ve been embracing to get out of the deliverable business and to start becoming an integrated part of Agile software delivery teams to collaboratively develop great experiences in short time frames. I’ll cover topics and techniques including:

  • Engaging stakeholders and the Dev team early using collaborative design
  • Rapid production
  • Conducting lightweight research
  • Rapid iterations
  • Managing expectations
  • Asking for more time
  • Communicating progress through regular showcases

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